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How you can help

We can't do this without help. Working alone, Arnold would be incapable of saving himself from deportation. On the same note, he wouldn't be deported if every single person in the US publicly denounced it. What we don't know is the magic number to get him home for Christmas. All we can do is keep making noise in hopes that the right people, or enough people, notice.
  • Share the site, the link to the petition, the story... on your twitter, your facebook, or your blog. 
  • Come to the John F Kennedy Federal Building in Boston, MA on November 22nd, 2011 - for Arnold's (rescheduled from 10/25) hearing. We are hoping to be approved for "Prosecutorial Discretion" before it comes to that.
  • Sign the Guestbook - show your public support.
  • "Like" this page (on the home page), and share on your Facebook and Twitter.
  • Contact the President. President Obama's office remains the one that we have not heard any sort of response from, be it an offer to help (as Sen. Blumenthal and Rep. Courtney did), or a refusal to intervene (Sen. Lieberman). The President's office is really the only one that could actually provide any real help, and it is under Obama's leadership that this is all occurring. (Quite regrettably.)

    We have also been referred to write to this address:
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Department of Homeland Security
    500 12th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20536
    No response as of yet.
  • We welcome media coverage, please e-mail me and I can get you the contact information for all of the necessary parties, including Arnold's attorney. It should also be known that we are pursuing the avenue spelled out in this memo.
  • Help spread the word by purchasing a t-shirt, bumper sticker, hat or button at our cafepress store. If you are wearing the logo, and it prompts someone to ask what it's about, or intrigue someone enough that he enters the domain into his smartphone - then one more person learns about Arnold Giammarco.
  • Arnold's amazingly generous and hard-working family has taken on some very large legal bills - there is no such thing as a public defender in immigration court. (No right to a speedy trial either.) I created a paypal account for the cafepress store, but I also wanted to offer the opportunity for others to donate directly. While the Giammarco family has never asked for any assistance, I would very much like to try and help.

Everything you have done, big and small, is greatly appreciated. I want to see this family reunited more than I've ever wanted anything. Not just because it's my family - deporting Arnold Giammarco would be a tremendous moral wrong.

- Amy Blair

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